From industrial use and personal care products to gadgets
protection, we provide advance technology and premium
quality produts just to meet your expectations!

Why are we formed?

The company name of "TOGUN" comes from the word of Japanese Kanji, which is "東軍".

As we have obtained an authorized distributorship from a world leading company, Toray Industries, Inc. we will ensure that we provide not only superior quality but outperformed services to our customers.

Our portfolio ranges from fabric for industrial application to affordable personal care products luxurious telecommunication devices and computer accessories and household products etc.

Our mission is to bring in a greater cutting-edge technology to this region to fulfil everyone's needs in this sophisticated society. As we are moving towards our goal to provide world-class products and services, continuous supports will be provided to our customers to ensure zero complaints and excellent satisfaction rating. In the meantime, mutual trust and respect plan a vital role in our company in order to build and strengthen long-term relationship with customers and supplier.

Our Vision is striving to enhance and create a better well-being for society.

Our SUCCESS is not by accomplishment, but rather a company of VALUE.